which of the following is not a network topology?

  1. 1) Bus Topology
  2. 2) Tree Topology
  3. 3) Hybrid Topology
  4. 4) Protocol

Correct answer: 4) Protocol

which of the following is not a network topology?

What is Computer Network:
If two or more two computers are connected through any device and they can able to communicate with each other, so it is called a computer network. Network topology is an integral part of the chapter on the computer network.

There are many kinds of network topology. Bus Topology, Tree Topology and Hybrid Topology are including network topologies.

1) Bus topology:
Usually, a mainline is connected with the computers in Bus Topology. For this, all the computers can get any information at the same time.
2) Tree Topology:
Tree Topology is like a tree. Because it has so many branches like a tree. On or more than one star topology make Tree topology.
3) Hybrid Topology:
One or more than one topology makes a Hybrid topology.

On the other hand, Protocol is an instrument of a computer network. It is not a topology.

Finally, I hope you have understood the answer to the question " which of the following is not a network topology?"


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